Posted by: Jorge Petlyakov | December 12, 2011

Sea Isle Condos – Available Property

Condo Unit 4 - Exterior Front

Condo #4, Sea Isle, Hutchinson Parish

The Sea Isle Condos in Hutchinson Parish offer a safe, well designed home in a gay-owned, LGBT and straight welcoming sim.  These suburban townhouses offer many features such as a garage for your toys or vehicles, a large first floor living area, dining room and kitchen, and upstairs you will enjoy a spacious master suite, a second bedroom or office and a beautiful tiled bath.

From Sea Isle it’s a short walk (or a quick drive) across the drawbridge to the scenic Old Town area of the parish where you can enjoy shopping at one of our two retail outlets, drinks and wine at La Crema Cafe, dancing at Club ‘Q’ or take in an art show at Isosceles Gallery.  Once you arrive back home you’ll enjoy an exquisite sunset view from your patio, kitchen or master suite.

Parish management is always happy to assist you by applying alternative interior flooring, paint and wallpapers to suit your style.  We can also do some minor interior remodeling to make the floor plan more appropriate for your furniture and other belongings if you require it.

Remember, please read the sim covenants and guidelines before you rent!

To find out if this property is still available, please check our Available Properties page.

Rent: L$1100/week
Prims: 375

See this property in world

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